Welcome to VJ Villa and Container Stay

VJ Villa &Container Stay is your choice for relaxing for your holidays. The villa and container rooms are suitable to your satisfy. The villa is nearby rubber trees surrounding for freshly relaxing and private area.

Container Stay thb1290Per Night

Container stay had its grand opening on1 February 2015, and is affiliated to VJ Villa. Surrounded by the nature, rabbit and bird gardens, container stay boasting 104 skillfully painted...

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VJ Villa thb1290Per Night

VJ Villa is located among the greenery of Dannok, providing resort style lodging for families and nature lovers. VJ Villa had its grand opening on 1 February 2015,each rooms...

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facilities and services

Fulfill your holiday with our friendly services and modren facilities including:

24 Hour Reception and Security

Concierge and security staffs are on shift duty to patrol and vigil 24 hours to ensure a safe lodging environment.

Wifi Internet

Free wi-fi for the guests to stay connected with friends and work.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle with wide seat are available 24/7 for you to reach your destination quicker.<br />

Relaxing Activities

Welcome and Enjoy your stay with mother nature.

  • ACV Recreation

    Get into the water Zorbing ball and walk on the water!

  • Future Park

    Future park let you have a peep into the future and shows you how our descendants look like.

  • ATV (ACV Challenging Range)

    Like the challenge driving on the uneven road? Come to Atv and drive through the jungle with an off-road four wheeler.

  • Dinosaur Park

    Dinosaur Park let you discover different types of dinosaur and witness the evolution of the Earth.

  • Rabbits Garden

    Hug cute rabbits in the garden and play with them to set aside your worries.

"VJ Villa Restaurant "

Variety flavor of delicious Thai dishes cooked by experienced chef to excite your taste bud. Business hour: 07.00-10.00 pm

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